Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings: When someone you love has cancer... a hopeful, helpful book for kids

Am home from the hospital now.  Back with my family, surrounded by flowers and cards, and in my own bed, makes me a happy camper.

My follow up doctors' appointments are Thursday. I will get my drains removed (will spare you the details) and possibly, find out what my next course of action is.

Eight years ago, I didn't need chemo.

This time, I will need to consider accessorizing.  Thankfully, my dad is a milliner!

Nobby Shoppes in Linden, NJ is the last of his string of stores.  At one time, his Nobby chain included 10 shops in New York and New Jersey. Growing up, I was immersed in the colorful world of hats, handbags, leggings and more.  Always one to supply me with my fashion needs, Dad, in true form,  had a shopping bag of turbans and scarves, ready for me to sort through when I got home.

Until then, at the suggestion of my sister in law, have done some accessorizing of my own...
Found a new use for my Wedding draw string purse...

a friend in Hawaii made it years ago to match my wedding mules

Wedding Mules #3, 2011
5" x 5"
acrylic on canvas
from the
Walks thru Life: Shoe Portraits Series


Kathryn said...

Thinking of you and sending you hugs (( )). Glad you are home. There's no place like home!

Ellen McVicker and Nanci Hersh said...

Thank you Kathryn, so true. My own bed, sigh.

Thank you for your card! Looking forward to speaking with you on Sundayl