Monday, June 20, 2011

How You Can Help

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Last week our younger  son suffered severe damage to his left eye when he was accidently struck by a swinging golf club.  We are all devastated, sad, angry, worried-  the whole spectrum of human emotions.

We are also tired, very tired.  Just three weeks prior, our older son suffered a bad break of his clavicle and I am in the midst of my chemo treatments.

The outpouring of support from those who are aware of what's going on has been heart warming and truly a blessing in our lives.  Many have and continue to ask "how can we help?"  A couple of friends suggested I put it in writing so when people ask or come by I can say- "Take your pick"

Here we go...

How You Can Help  
1. Bring a meal (by the way we are good in the "candy dept." no mas please)
2. Pick up some groceries along the way.
3. Vacuum the stairs
4. Vacuum the first floor
5. Vacuum the bedrooms
6. Clean a bathroom (if you are brave you can attack the boys'!)
7. Walk the dogs
8. Clean the rabbit and her cage (only true animal lovers need apply)
9. Weed a small patch of my yard
10. Bring a bag of dark mulch and put some on an area that has been weeded.
11. Pick up and drop off dry cleaning for us.
12. Take the boys out to Five Guys or Friendly's
13. If you are staying over, bring your own pillow and towels
14. Put in a load of laundry
15. Fold clothing
16.  Clean the turtle's tank (see #8)
17. Drive me to a chemo treatment 
18. Drive me to Philly for accupuncture appt.
19.  Accompany me to a drs. appt. for Nate
20. Take the boys to the library
21. Wash my kitchen floor.
22. Answer my phone so I can nap.

Any of those things would help tremendously.  Please don't wait for me to call you and ask for help, I don't know your availability and that is awkward.  Just call and say, "Hey Nanci, I have some time on ____ (pick your day), does that work for me to come by and help?"

Please feel free to share this with anyone who knows us or taylor it if help is something you need as well...

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