Friday, June 3, 2011

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Cousins Ellen McVicker & Nanci Hersh

Butterfly that she truly is, Ellen flew in from Colorado this week to spend some time with Nanci.  First stop together was J.Christian Studio in Hockessin, DE, to get a buzz cut.  Hair started coming out after Nanci's second treatment on Tuesday.  J.Christian and his wife Marcy are butterflies in so many people's lives in this community giving their talents and time to benefit local chartities like Crazy Catwalk for Kidds.

Masha, one of J.Christian's stylists buzzed Nanci while J.Christian documented the event.  Video forthcoming!

anyone remember the Patty Duke Show?
After the buzz, it was time for the wig to be styled.

We decided we need to name her and are looking for our followers to help name her.
What do you think "she" should be called?

1 comment:

Rona said...

You look MAAAHVELOUS! ;-)
We think you should name your "piece" Shana for Shana Punim - yiddish for pretty face!
Love you lots!

Rona & Robin