Monday, April 21, 2008

What Do Perennials Have to Do With Cancer?

I hope Nanci doesn't mind, but I feel compelled to tell this story that she proudly shared with me this week.

During Passover Seder, Scott, Nanci's husband asked the question to those in attendance, "Do you know the difference between an annual flower and a perennial flower?" Not the typical Seder question.

Confused, everyone gave their definition and waited for Scott's response. Rather than agree with the correct answers, Scott gave new meaning to the definition.

"You see," he claimed. "It is true that an annual flower lasts only a year, and that a perennial returns year after year. I want you to know that my wife, Nanci, is like that of a perennial flower. For those of you who may not keep count, Nanci just passed her 5th year being cancer free."

The room was silent. Where was he going with this?

He continued, "And just as a perennial returns year after year having grown stronger, fuller and more beautiful, so has my wife." With that he handed her a gift - a beautiful Bird-of-Paradise necklace that he designed and made for his very own perennial wife!

Congratulations, Nanci, on a life fully lived - on a life filled with strength and beauty.

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