Sunday, February 10, 2008

No Matter Where I Go

Dear Friends,

It amazes me that no matter where I go in my life, someone shares a story about a person in their life who has cancer. This past week, a friend of mine and I took our youngest sons to the Colorado mountains with 3 of their friends to go tubing. With a bad back, I decided to be the photographer and forego the tubing. As I relaxed indoors warming myself after a brief photo shoot, I met an elderly man doing the same - photographing his family who were also tubing. His name was Tom and he was from Louisiana. Tom and his wife Gerri had brought their grown children and grandkids to Colorado for a week of fun in the snow. As we talked, I learned more about Tom and his family - obviously a very proud man! Soon, we got to his loving wife. He told me about the 6 year battle she had with cancer and her newly diagnosed clean bill of health! His love and care for her was clearly obvious. I told Tom about our book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings and he immediately became enthralled with the fact that I was the author of a book about cancer. Before long, Tom was introducing me to each of his family members. He was so excited to have met an author, he even took my picture with my son and his friends ... wanting to show everyone back in Louisiana that he had a met me. While he promised to email me, and told me he wanted to purchase a book for his family and some friends he knew who were also dealing with cancer, I couldn't help but feel that even if we never spoke again, he was a man I would always remember. You see, in our brief moment together he understood what Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings was all about. He recognized the journey that Nanci and I had taken with our book. He expressed to me something that Nanci and I have said all along - that our book is now out in the universe. At some point in time, it will reach every person who will benefit from the messages that unfold across its pages. Perhaps Tom will be our first sale in Louisiana - and if not, our acquaintance reassured me about something I have always known ... cancer touches the lives of everyone. No matter where I go or to whom I speak someone knows someone with cancer. No one is exempt, and our book can be a source of comfort for all who find it and all who read it. More importantly, when people have a loved one with cancer, most people need someone to talk to about it. I was glad to have been there for Tom.

With butterfly wishes,


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