Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Riff on Resilience

In last week's Life Lesson- Learning Resiliency blog post we shared an excerpt from a KCSD Fall Newsletter about the importance and value of teaching our children resiliency.  Later in the week, in Sandy Blows, I wrote about an artist friend of mine, Betsey Regan who in the wake of the Super Storm Sandy, and in the midst of the destruction of her home, and turmoil of her life- is still painting.  That's resilience- and inspiring.

At the end of the post, I asked the question "who inspires you." 

Artist and president of Cross World Connections, Junko Wong responded with this: 

They do.  
 These are kids from Fukushima, where the earthquake and tsunami hit in 2011.  

There is a expat that helps these kids express their hidden anxiety through drawings. It help them to deal with their fears and starts them to heal.

This is a summer camp for the kids who are still living there. The camp is run by volunteers in an area, very north of Fukushima. Still the same prefecture but protected by a mountain range that keep out radiation. ( nature is amazing). They come here during their school break.

According to the government they are located outside of the radiation contaminated zone.  The way they measure the rate of radiation permissible for humans have changed since the disaster occurred. It's higher now.  And, these kids who still live in high radiation levels have no where to move to.  

We have learned that it is best for all of us who live this way to RESET our bodies every 3-6 months. Taking in clean air, clean water and clean food and getting rid of the heavy metals in our bodies as best as possible. 

 The kids have so much fun and play very hard and RESET their bodies and return to life back in the zone. 
All photographs by Komera no Mori
So these kids are my inspiration. They are so beautiful.

To learn more about the camp or to buy a very cool t-shirt that supports the children of Fukushima visit  http://poesjnm.exblog.jp/18886493/

Thank you Junko!

Want to Riff on Resilience too...Who inspires you?

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