Thursday, April 5, 2012

Putting it out There- Saline or Silicone?

We are all about supporting children and their families when someone they love has cancer.
This post, is for the moms out there facing cancer and all those decisions that keep coming at us.

You've had the mastectomy and decided to go forward with the reconstruction, survived the pain, the drains, and then the discomfort of the tissue expanders.  Now you face the decision- saline or silicone implants?
They were Starting to Sag, anyway
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Following my bilateral mastectomy 8 and a half years ago I went with silicone implants. I felt comfortable with my decision,  They did look good, and they felt - well, I honestly can't remember.

Regardless, nothing held me back- I swam, surfed, practiced yoga and lived my beautiful life.

Last year when I learned that I had a second cancer in residual breast tissue again on the right side, I went for a PET Scan. That showed unsual findings on the "other" side/breast- a large "hot spot." They were ready to biopsy that side as well.  Thankfully, a friend and doctor showed my disk and reports to a fellow radiologist who specializes in reading scans.  He felt confident that it was a ruptured implant and that an inasive biopsy on that side was not necessary. He was indeed correct, my silicone implant had ruptured and my chest wall was inflamed- "angry and red" is how my plastic surgeon described it.

Long story short... following the surgery last April to removed the cancerous tissue and node I went with Saline implants.  Honestly, they too, look good, they feel fine and more importantly, I believe that they pose less of a risk for a breast cancer patient.  One less thing to think about.

There you go...  what is your experience or choice- saline or silicone?

PS... I just realized that my surgery was a year ago- tomorrow !!!!... feeling blessed for another year and feeling good.

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