Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Welcome to our Blog....Ellen and Nanci are on the East coast for Pink Pony Day with the Ralph Lauren corporation. Pictures to follow.

Ellen recently visited Fox Hollow Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado where she met with all grade levels for a reading of our book. She spoke about the experience of publishing a book and showed the students the many drafts that she wrote throughout the process. Additionally, Ellen told how her cousin Nanci's cancer diagnosis inspired her to write the book for Nanci's two young boys. The students were enthralled. They walked away with a new appreciation for the writing process, as well as realizing that they have the ability to help others during an illness, or difficult time. After they visit with Ellen, children are to share back what they learned from Ellen on the writing process, about cancer, or about being someone's butterfly. Fox Hollow students had a lot to share:

"Thank you for coming. I enjoyed you being here because you gave me a new understanding of how to write a book and when you write about something you truly care about, you have to stick with it, " wrote Jordyn, a 5th grader.

"Your book was very, very good. I really do think you got the messgae you wanted to give to kids whose moms have had cancer.... it must have driven you crazy working on one book for five years ..." wrote Zachary, another 5th grade student.

"I really like your book becaue it tells other peopple to not be afraid of other people that have some kind of bad sickness ... I love (your book). It reminds me of my grandma that has cancer, and (that) I'm going to be alright," stated Hope, a 4th grader.

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